About L&N Candles

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4 comments on “About L&N Candles

  • Jacqueline John says:

    Hello Laura and Nat
    I recently heard about your business from the president of our WI here in Birstwith. We wondered if you offer talks about your work and your candles? I am planning well ahead, as our programme is arranged until April 2023, but perhaps an autumn meeting might be a good time for you, with marketing for Christmas in view? Please will you let me know if you might be interested? Many thanks.

    Jacqueline John, Programme Secretary, Birstwith WI

    • Hello!
      I’m sorry we have only just seen your comment!
      We absolutely loved our last talk at the Bilton WI so would be happy to come along if you are still looking?
      Sorry again for only just seeing your comment!


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